Making Money with Email & Rapid eMail Profits

An email list.

It’s the one thing every internet marketer strives to create.

An email list that is created the right way can, quite “literally” be a golden goose.

Like a personal ATM machine that spits out cash whenever you need it.

An email list can drip cash into your PayPal account in days.

What does it take?

Well, first, you’ll need to build the right kind of list.

Preferably, a list of buyers. Your own buyers.

I’m not talking about obtaining a list and buying hundreds of thousands of names on a CD for $47.

Buuuuzzzzzzz – you’re outta’ here.

I’m taking about creating your own offer, in the niche you want to serve and building a list of buyers.

It’s doesn’t stop there, though.

If all you do with that list is hound them with affiliate offers for the next 6 months, you’ll just annoy them.

Making them less responsive.

… And hate you.

I’m talking about building a relationship with that list O-V-E-R-T-I-M-E.

Get to know them.

Understand what makes them tick.

Be cool.

A friend.

A trusted advisor.

After building rapport, then seek to provide them with solutions to their problems in the form of “product recommendations”.

Then get paid a commission for bring the product to their attention.

But …

And this is important.

Pay attention.

You don’t want to promote a product for promoting a products sakes … just to make a few extra bucks.

No way hoze’.

I’m talking about thoroughly understanding your audience.

Their needs, wants, problems and burning desires.

Then, providing solutions in the form of products that overcome the above.

You’re the trusted advisor, remember.

Someone they can trust.

Not someone that will promote a new, junk product every week.

It goes without sayin’…

You want to REVIEW the product first, before promoting, to ensure it will actually help your audience.


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