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Has your computer started showing up with strange errors? Is your computer getting slower and slower every day? Well, before you start looking for a new computer, try running a Microsoft registry cleaner on your system to repair the backbone of your machine. You never know, you could save yourself a lot of money.

Here at Review Booth we help you to optimize your PC to its full potential. So if you are after a computer that does not crash every 5 minutes and you want to get your computer functioning as it was when you first bought it, then follow the advice and registry cleaner reviews on this site. We’re here to help.

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Top Choice:

By far the best reg tool on the market. Provided stunning test results on our test projects increasing performance by over 52%..
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Regcure Review
Download Regcure

Registry Fix

Registry fix gets to work fast on cleaning your registry with the click of a mouse and is very easy to use.

Registry Fix Review
Download Registry Fix

Error Doctor

An all round solid registry cleaner but lacked the performance benefits offered by Regcure.

Error Doctor Review
Download Err Doctor

Error Nuker

Easy to use and fixed all the errors found on our test machines but again the performance benefits were not as great as the others.

Error Nuker Review
Download Error Nuker

PC On Point

Not as easy to use as the others and many errors were not picked up with Pc On Point..

Pc On Point Review
Download Pc On Point

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